With a Personal Chef career YOU are in charge - you choose the days you work, the hours you work, the services that you provide to your clients, how far you travel for work and what you charge for your service.

A Personal Chef is a culinary professional who may have been self-taught, learned from Chefs in restaurants, or studied at culinary school.  No matter where they learned to cook - they all share a love for cooking and creating delicious, nutritious food for their clients.

A Personal Chef cooks for a number of clients on a regular basis - this could be twice a week,  once a month, every Tuesday - whatever works for the Personal Chef and the client.  They primarily cook in each client's home, although there may be instances where the cooking may need to be done in a commercial kitchen - e.g. during a pandemic where restrictions on movement are in place.

A Personal Chef may provide one core service or a range of services, such as a

- Traditional Personal Chef service (a variety of 'freezer-friendly' dishes that the client can heat and enjoy at their own convenience),

- private Cooking Lessons - either in person or virtually,

- Dinner Party catering,

- Barbecue services and outdoor events,

- Invisible Chef services (similar to a dinner party, except that the Personal Chef leaves after the cooking is complete, leaving the client to plate and serve dinner),

- Mise en Place services (where the Personal Chef preps all of the ingredients, leaving the client to do the cooking),

- Recipe Research and Development services for clients who want to cook, but who are either too busy to find appropriate recipes or who face health challenges and need assistance with finding meals to meet their needs....

- and many other services.


Since 2001, thousands of Canadian consumers have trusted The Chef Alliance to help them find trustworthy, reliable professional Personal Chefs and Private Chefs. It's just one of the reasons why you can depend on us to help you grow your business. With The Chef Alliance, a rewarding culinary career is within your grasp!  

As a member of The Chef Alliance, you have access to:
- low-cost liability insurance to protect your business, 
- training courses to help you through the the trials of running a small business, 
- business support from our experienced Success Managers,

- a range of member benefits to save you and your business money.

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