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The Importance of Regular Food Safety Reviews

As a Personal or Private Chef or small caterer, you’re not always hidden away in the kitchen, beyond the view of your clients.  Much of the time, you’re creating your dishes with the client and his/her guests watching your every move.  As such, it’s even more important for you to regularly review your food safety training.  Here are a few reasons why.


Inspecting food when purchasing it for optimal freshness and quality will lower the amount of spoilage and the flavours of the ingredients will be at their best.


As a small business owner, you can’t afford to take too many days off due to illness.  Most small Caterers, Personal and Private Chefs don’t have anyone else who can stand in for them when they have to take time off, so getting sick could not only mean having to cancel a booking, but also compensating the client on top of that.


Did you know that about 8 people get sick from the food they consume every minute?  A food-related illness can affect your clients physically, emotionally and in their wallet, as they may have to take time off work.  Taking a food safety course and reviewing food safety protocols regularly shows that you take pride in your business and care about the health of your clients.

Even if you’ve taken a course, you’re not off the hook if someone gets sick.  You could still be held legally liable if you haven’t implemented good food safety protocols.  Even if you have been very careful, and are not actually found to be at fault, just being accused of being negligent may force you to hire a lawyer.  Having liability insurance may cover some of your legal costs, otherwise you’ll be responsible for them yourself - and this could cost you thousands of dollars.  Can you afford this, or will it send you spiralling into bankruptcy?

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to protect yourself should you get into trouble regarding a food-related illness, or feel free to contact a Success Manager by email should you have any questions.

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