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Testimonials continued...

Below, are just a small sample of the thousands of testimonials that we have received from Chefs and Personal Chefs across Canada since 2001.

Thanks to the chef alliance my business is starting to show signs of its potential.


The Chef Alliance has help my business with "Continued exposure in markets outside my reach with more quality clients.

j. collins, on

Participating in the Chef Alliance, Chef Experiences, has given me great exposure and I have started to build a clientelle in my community. Great feedback and word of mouth from clients will build my business in no time.

chef karen, on

Providing Chef Experience services with The Chef Alliance "has helped me by getting recognition, more publicity and being able to showcase my skills, passion and knowledge of cusine. It has helped me by developing my confidence, my inter-personal skills and communication with the public and chefs. It has also helped me markey myself as a private chef to promote personal cooking.

chef justin, on

I am new to this organization, this was my first assignment. I would like to be able to leave my full time job providing I can get the assignments with TCA. I would like to be able to do some of the bigger numbers in guests count.

chef thompson, on

The Chef Alliance has helped my business by providing me clients on a monthly bases I would not have otherwise.  The highlight for me in providing Chef Experiences for The Chef Alliance is the feedback of the client and guests.

chef pringle, on

How has The Chef Alliance helped my business? I have made many contacts since joining the Chef Alliance and the referrals have been come in quote steadily. Thank you

k. latanville, on

Best part of being a Personal Chef is meeting new people. One day teh client could be a lawyer, the next day a graphic designer, and another day a teacher. They're all from different backgrounds, but they all love food.  I've learned so much from talking to them. Toronto is such a diverse city - it's great! Keep up the good work in selling those gift cards!

chef ramesh

After working for 20 years in restaurants, I was ready for a change. I came across your company by chance, and did a few events with you. Now I am a full-time personal chef. the passion I had as a culinary student is back - cooking is no longer a job. I get to meet new people everyday, which I LOVE! I am more creative now than ever before.

chef jackie

I have worked real hard to be good at what I do, as a result of that I have earned great respect among some of the top chefs of the Caribbean. I came to Canada as a nobody and i am grateful to be working with the chef alliance which as allowed me to show my skills and i am confident i will be very marketable once persons have experience my talent.

a. beckford, on

Since much of my business comes through The Chef alliance, I don't have to have a huge marketing budget. This leaves me with more money to improve my business in other ways. I've grown faster than I thought possible before I started out as a Personal Chef. I would highly recommend joining to anyone thinking about getting into private cooking.

chef scott

If I was to recommend TCA to a chef, I would go with the platinum membrship. i did the email blast and booked a bunch of dinner parties for Jan and Feb when I knew I would be quiet.  I discounted the dinners for those 2 months, but sold add-ons when I spoke to the customers, and even had 1 book me again for her 40th birthday - that was for 18 people.

chef jaime

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the Chef Alliance. For it has helped my personal chef business in every single aspect. The recent events at the Miele Gallery have been truly rewarding and fun at the same time!!!

b. biljecki, on