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Below, are just a small sample of the thousands of testimonials that we have received from Chefs and Personal Chefs across Canada since 2001.

The Chef Alliance has provided me with another avenue to grow my business. Being associated with the Chef Alliance has allowed me to add that professional aspect to my business. I am sure this association will result in increasing my client base.

J. Turnbull, QC

Chef alliance has helped me to increase my business in ways, i couldn't have dreamed of.

A. sharma, on

I have been a professional chef for more than 20 years in top hotels, resorts and cruise lines around the world, before settling down in Calgary to get married.  Chef Alliance has given me the opportunity to utilize my skills to achieve financial goals.

chef martiN, ab

I joined of a couple of personaI chef organisations when I started my business.  I wasn’t sure which one to give up.  You insured me AND gave me jobs.  I paid for insurance and membership in the first 5 weeks with you guys!  Couldn’t believe it!  It definitely made the choice a no-brainer!!

chef iAN, bc

Great working with you – I have to work 2 full days at the restaurant to make what I made for the cooking class I did last week.

chef o'reilly, mb

I’ve always worked in restaurants and had never realised how much fun cooking for a small group was!   The client’s were so nice and loved everything I made – that instant feedback is something that I never get normally.  I’ll be spreading the word to the other chefs I know about you guys.

chef lAM, Ab

It has been almost 6 months since I started to work with The Chef Alliance.  I am now ready to quit my Executive Chef position at the restaurant and do this full time.  My passion for cooking has been rekindled since working with you.  Thanks for all the support that you have given me.

chef williams, bc

Since becoming a member of The Chef Alliance, I not only feel more secure working as a personal chef as a result of the insurance and legal benefits, but I feel more secure knowing that I am a part of a community of great chefs, all working towards the same goal – creating restaurant quality food in the comfort of people’s own homes.  The Chef Alliance has given me the opportunity to both expand my network of clients and receive discounted rates on services that benefit the growth of my business.

l. mozer, on

Thanks for the opportunities that you have provided over the past year.  They have helped me grow my fledgling business and I am now ready to leave my restaurant job and grow it full time.

j. hicks

For nearly the past year of being a member of The Chef Alliance, I began as a Bronze Level member and quickly decided to become a Platinum Level member and will never look back. I have received amazing personal chef gigs, promotions through their e-marketing and PR campaigns, affordable liability insurance and just recently some effective legal help when my company experienced an uncontrollable shortfall earlier this year. I would recommend becoming a Platinum member with The Chef Alliance from day 1 if you want to jump-start your personal chef service and make your culinary dreams a reality.

j. greeN, bc

You have helped me to get my business off the ground, and helped me to look outside the box for potential client's to grow my business.

j. morris, sk

This was my first experience with The Chef Alliance. I would say that meeting new people and having the opportunity to showcase my talents is going to do wonders for my business.

chef latanville, on

[The Chef Alliance] has been able to provide me with well paying jobs, especially in the months that are usually tough to drum up work (Jan, Feb). I'm really excited to use more of your programs - gift cards, courses, etc. - in the near furture after I relocate & restructure my business.

j. faubert, bc