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Personal ChefCAREER

providing a traditional personal chef service

The traditional Personal Chef service is the foundation of the Personal Chef industry.  It is the original service provided by Personal Chefs, although we now provide many more services, such as private dinner parties and cooking lessons, cocktail parties and corporate events.

Typically, a Personal Chef will consult with each client, designing and adjusting recipes for several meals.  The Personal Chef attends at the client’s home with their own equipment and utensils and all of the ingredients required to prepare a pre-determined number of portions of the meals.  The most common service consists of 4 portions of 5 different entrees/meals.  These meals, once prepared, are cooled, packaged, labeled and frozen.  Heating instructions are provided to the client, so that the meals can be consumed as required.


This service is popular for so many different clients, e.g.

- busy families who struggle to find time to cook healthy meals

- students or single people, who don’t have time or don’t want to cook for themselves, yet want to eat nutritious, homemade meals

- retirees, who prefer to enjoy their golden years with hobbies or friends or who are too frail to cook

- those with allergies or health concerns which are affected by what they eat, but who are not comfortable or knowledgeable about preparing appropriate meals

- new parents who don’t have the time or energy to cook healthy meals

- many others


This can vary, depending on the Personal Chef’s schedule and availability, and the client’s requirements.  It can be a weekly service, a bi-weekly service, monthly service or on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

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