Password Protection - Simple Tips

By The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance

Passwords help protect your online accounts - whether they are for bank accounts or your coffee app - from criminals and hackers.  It's important to update your passwords regularly and make sure that they adhere to the latest trends to keep your personal information safe and secure.


Passwords need to be complex, long and difficult to guess, so consider using a phrase, such as the line of a song, movie, book or poem. To make it even harder to crack, misspell words, change letters for numbers, add spaces or punctuation.


Don't use birth dates, your child's/spouse's/pet’s name or your address as they are easy for hackers to guess. By making your passwords random and unrelated to your life, it will be more difficult to guess.


There are many password management systems that securely store and keep track of your passwords and generate complex passwords on your behalf.  They’re designed to help you by not having to remember your list of complex passwords, and to keep them safe from hackers.  OnePassword, Nord Pass, and KeePass are some examples that are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.


Don’t use the same password for different logins, as one successful account hack by criminals could easily lead to others.  

Some sites offer a two-stage process for logging in, such as adding a code that is sent to you by text.  This helps to verify your identity and will make it hard for hackers to break into your accounts.

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