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Many chef jobs are exactly that - a job. They stifle everything you love about food. 

You became a chef for a reason. You love cooking. You're passionate about food. You enjoy the creativity it allows you, blending spices, pairing flavour profiles, creating new dishes and designing menus.
Are you looking to supplement your current income or change your career path? Do you enjoy meeting new people and introducing them to your unique culinary skills? Do you like creating new menus, rather than cooking dishes created by someone else? 

Being a Personal Chef is the perfect answer for you. Personal Chefs are fulfilled and passionate.  They design every menu. They hand-select every ingredient they cook with. They work when they want to and how often they want to. They are in charge of their own destiny. And they are energised by the instant feedback they get from their ecstatic clients.
Being a Personal Chef gives you the flexibility to get out of it exactly what you want. If you want to keep your full time job and provide Personal Chef services on your nights off without the stress of marketing, we can help you. If you want to start a business and build a client base slowly without leaving your full time job right away, we can help you. If you want to start and focus on growing a business full-time, we can help you.
As a Personal Chef you'll come out of hiding, moving you from the back-of-the-house and propelling you to the spotlight of someone's kitchen. You are the star for the evening - so don't be surprised if each event ends in a round of applause!

We also offer a range of training modules for cooks and chefs who are looking to get into this rewarding industry.  New online modules are being added all the time.  They are easy to follow and affordable, informative and full of important information to help you start on a new career path.  Check out our Personal Chef Trainer website today!

There is no 'typical' answer.  One of our longest standing members works as Executive Chef for The Holiday Inn - he likes the adrenaline rush of being in the fast-paced kitchen, but loves doing private events once or twice a week - he's got the best of both worlds, and he's been doing it for over 10 years.
Another member works in two private clubs during the weekdays, and has every evening and weekend for family and private events - he chooses which times he books in with clients and when he's with his family; eventually, he wants to leave the two jobs and focus on servicing his private clients.  
We have a member who took over the family grocery business even though he always wanted to be a Chef; he decided that the only way he could do that and still be happy was to do cooking demos in the store.  Slowly, he started offering his Chef services to his clientele - his wife and son now run the store full-time, while he follows his passion.  
Many other members run their businesses full time - they book our clients to fill in gaps in their calendar or to kick-start their business, in addition to marketing their services in their local area.

The Chef Alliance is the leading organisation of Private & Personal Chefs & Caterers in Canada offering Chefs a place to locate jobs, meet new clients, grow their business, benefit from peer support, discounts to lower their business costs, marketing services & much more.  This allows Chefs concentrate on what they do best - cook great food!